Recipe for deliciously creamy seafood risotto

1. The secret of this is to make a good fish stock, boiling up the bones, skin, heads and tails of a variety of fish and crustaceans together with chopped onion, a carrot, peppercorns and three bay leaves. Simmer for a few hours.

2. Take a large frying pan and warm a little peanut oil in it, adding a pinch of chilli powder.

3. Slice an onion into small cubes and fry slowly in the warm oil.

4. Add one clove of pressed garlic.

5. Add half a pound of short-grained rice.

6. Add a glass of dry white wine if you have any.

7. Fry on a higher heat until the wine and oil has been absorbed by the rice. The alcohol will evaporate in the process.

8. Strain and pour the warm fish stock into a jug.

9. Gradually add the stock to the rice, stirring continuously. Use as much stock as you need to keep the dish creamy without becoming either too wet or too dry. The rice should take about 20 minutes to cook through but count on it taking longer. It i…

Quick and easy Exotic Mango Sauce for fish

1. Take two large ripe mangos, peel and mash the fruit, removing the stone, the skin and any bruised bits. Place in a bowl.

2. Add an onion, very finely diced.

3. Add a two-inch chunk of root ginger, grated.

4. Add one chili, finely sliced.

5. Add juice from two limes.

6. Add salt and plenty of pepper.

Mix together and chill. Make ample quantifies to serve as a side dish to impress guests at parties or put in a jar to take on picnics.

Tangy, hearty carrot and butternut soup

This delicious, hearty soup recipe is nourishing and filling. It is easily frozen and just as delicious when reheated. 
ButternutCarrots Onions Ginger Garlic Lime Coconut milk Coconut oil a little chilli powder Salt Pepper 
1. Wash 1 large or 2 small butternuts, prick well and place on a baking tray in the oven. Do not forget to prick or slice in two, otherwise they are liable to explode.

2. Chose a thick-bottomed pan with a lid.

3. Chop one onion into small cubes.

4. Gently heat a spoonful of coconut oil

5. Stir in a little chilli powder, add the onion and let these cook through.

6. Grate two cloves of garlic and add to the frying onions.

7. Grate one inch of ginger and add.

8. Add the milk from two coconuts.

9. Take the baked butternut from the oven, cut in two and remove the seeds. Spoon the flesh into the pan. Discard skins. This is easier than peeling and chopping and adds flavour. The seeds can be returned to the oven and …

Tonic for the ill or injured

1. Find a clean glass jar you are prepared to give away with a lid that screws on tightly.


1 cup of finely chopped garlic

1 cup of grated onion

1 cup of grated ginger root

1 cup of finely chopped bird peppers 
2.  Fill the rest of the jar with (homemade) vinegar.

3. Close the lid and shake with vigour. Leave in a place by the door. Shake it every time you pass by, every day for two weeks.

4. Sieve the mixture through a piece of clean cotton.

5. Bottle and label. Continue to shake every day.

Add a spoonful to a glass of tomato juice, stir and drink.

It is said to help kill bacteria, fungus, viruses and parasites while increasing the circulation.

Recipe for delicious Rum and Brown Sugar Baked Bananas

Ingredients: (serves 8)

16 large bananas

8 tablespoons orange or lemon juice

8 tablespoons rum

6oz butter or coconut oil

6oz brown sugar

Cinnamon for sprinkling
Grated ginger

1. Skin the bananas and halve lengthways, laying them on a baking dish or in individual oven-proof dishes as we have used here

2. Cover with the juice and rum

3. Cube the butter and distribute evenly over the fruit. We added a little grated ginger.

4. Sprinkle brown sugar and cinnamon on top

5. Cover and bake for 10 minutes in a hot oven until sweet, sticky and tantalizing.

6. Uncover and keep warm until demanded.

Serve with love. And pancakes.

Delicious, spicy recipe for Mango Chutney

1. Put on a dark overall as mango juice will stain cotton and spoil white cloth forever.

Sterilise the chutney jars:

2. Wash 10 jam jars and their lids. Make sure they are sparkling clean. Line up the jars, add a teaspoon to each one and add boiled water. Let stand for two minutes. Discard water and place jars on their sides in the bottom oven. Ideally this should be at a temperature of 212ยบ Fahrenheit to sterilize them. Take great care, as if the range is too hot the jars will crack. Once the jars have been at this temperature for 10 minutes, turn the oven off, and leave them in the oven to slowly cool.

3. Boil the lids and a metal funnel with a broad neck. If you do not do this the chutney will go mouldy, which is unpleasant.

Make the chutney:

First open the kitchen windows or they will steam up. Making chutney is hot work.

1. Skin and slice eight mangos, placing chunks in a large bowl. The pip and peel can be given to your chickens. Slices need to be the siz…

Quick easy recipe for cheese and courgette souffle

First ensure you have a nice hot oven and a clock to hand.Spread the gratings of a courgette over a plate and sprinkle with sea salt. Find four small dishes. These must be ones designed not to break in a hot oven. Take a little oil and use clean fingers to make this cover the inside of the dishes thinly. Not too much.Place a metal grater on a plate and grate a cupful of hard cheese.Find another plate and grate a cup of stale bread breadcrumbs. This is a good way of using bread that has gone hard but take care not to avoid any green mouldy bits. It doesn’t matter if the crumbs mix with the cheese a bit.Separate 3 fresh hens’ eggs. Take care to do this one by one in case you encounter a fertilized egg as you cannot cook with such a thing. Ensure no pieces of eggshell get in the opened egg.Beat the whites of the eggs in a copper bowl until they make little mountain peaks.You can use the same implement to aerate the yokes in a different bowl. Do not try this the other way around. No yoke m…